Mindfulness on the Farm

There are many ways to feel grounded outdoors.  Walking up a trail, feeling the bark on a tree, leaning up against a tree and imagining how far the roots go down into the Earth.   One of my favorite methods is the five senses activity.  I enjoy doing this to help me feel fully present.  I often find it difficult to put the to-do list aside and just be aware of my surroundings.  So to help me be in the moment,  I like to walk around the farm and notice 5 things I can see, 4 things I can feel, 3 things I can hear, 2 things I can smell and one thing that I can taste. For example,  I love seeing the blue sky reflected in the pond.  I enjoy the view of Tater Hill from Inspiration Point. I like the way it feels to lay down on the ground and feel the wind glide across me.   I love hearing the birds sing and the creek babble.  I love the smell of the flowers and different tree scents as I walk through the forest.

This activity can really be done anywhere, while walking, sitting, or lying down on the soft grass.  I’ve done this activity with students inside their classroom and in a therapy office.  But honestly, it’s more fun outside.  Go outside and give it a try.  Oh and if it’s hard to find something that you can taste, try thinking of one thing that you are grateful for today.